Drillkote Family of Seed Treatments

Drillkote 150 has been a Schlessman Brand economic seed treatment for soybeans for several years, and we are excited to expand this brand!

The advanced Drillkote brand line of soybean treatments is designed to allow easy identification of the level of seed treatment protection.

The protection levels are soil born disease protection, disease and insect protection, and both of those plus inoculation.

Our goal is a no-nonsense, convenient treatment ordering system. Soil type, weather, and management practices all play a role in which level of treatment you need this year. From untreated to Drillkote Gold we have you covered!

Drillkote™ Bronze Logo

Drillkote Bronze Seed Treatment for Soybeans

Drillkote Bronze is an effective seed treatment for early season protection against common soil-borne disease in wet, heavy clay soils, and seed borne pathogens. Includes Drillkote’s smooth flow polymer for non-binding planting and slow-release of treatment chemicals.

Drillkote™ Silver Logo

Drillkote Silver Seed Treatment for Soybeans

Drillkote Silver contains all of the value and quality of the Drillkote Bronze treatment with the added protection(s) of a systemic insecticidal to control seed corn maggot, wireworm, white grubs, and Bean Leaf Beetle, as well as sedaxene to help control Rhizoctonia fungi.

Drillkote™ Gold Logo

Drillkote Gold: Premium Seed Treatment for Soybeans

Drillkote Gold is our premium seed treatment. It contains multiple modes of action against fungi, the systemic insecticide in Drillkote Silver, with added benefits of biological treatments to enhance emergence, increase root mass, and help nutrient fixation to lock in great stands and healthy plants.

CruiserMaxx Beans is an on-seed application of CruiserMaxx alone or with Apron XL.

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Drillkote™, and The Drillkote™ Shield Logos are trademarks of Schlessman Seed Company

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