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Protecting your Wheat Seed Investment

Not only do we select and test the best genetics for our customers, we at Schlessman Seed Company also test and select seed treatments and seed treatment options to best protect and enhance these “Performance Genetics” ™ for your farm management practices.

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Vibrance® Extreme

Vibrance® Extreme seed treatment fungicide is the latest seed treatment for wheat from Syngenta. Vibrance Extreme offers amazing broad-spectrum disease protection, such as limiting Seedling Blight, Root Rot and Damping-off caused by seed and soilborne Fusarium and Rhizoctonia; and soilborne Pythium.

Vibrance Extreme seed treatment fungicide supplies cereal growers with best-in-class Rhizoctonia activity and extended protection against a broad spectrum of seedborne and soilborne diseases. In addition, Vibrance Extreme promotes effective seedling germination, robust stands and more heads. A formulation containing sedaxane, mefenoxam and difenoconazole, Vibrance Extreme boosts RootingPower to help achieve optimized root health and consistent yield stability from year to year.

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